The action of the impressed current cathodic protection auxiliary anode is to transfer the direct current output from the DC power source from the medium to the protected metal structure. There are many materials that can be used as auxiliary anodes, such as scrap steel, graphite, lead-silver alloy, high-silicon cast iron, platinized titanium, and mixed metal oxide electrodes. These materials each have their own characteristics and are suitable for different occasions.

Cathodic protection anode series products mainly include:
1. Conductive polymer flexible anode/titanium mixed metal oxide (MMO/Ti) linear anode
A polymer cable (flexible) anode of nano-specific conductive carbon black composite technology and a cable (flexible) anode based on MMO/Ti coating technology. Both anodes are buried-type auxiliary anodes for forced current cathodic protection, which are used to protect underground oil (gas) pipelines, underground storage tanks, chemical containers, etc. from corrosion or slow corrosion.
The conductive polymer anode is a continuous anode formed by coating a conductive polymer on a copper core, also called a flexible anode or a cable anode. The copper core acts as a conductor and the conductive polymer participates in the electrochemical reaction. The polymer anode is easy to install and is particularly suitable for pipes with severe damage to bare tubes or coatings, protection of shielded complex pipe networks, and high resistivity soils. But be careful not to bend too much.
Second, MMO coated titanium tube anode
The titanium anode tube, also known as a tubular anode or a noble metal oxide titanium anode tube, is coated with a layer of electrocatalytically active metal oxide on the tubular titanium substrate. Titanium anode tube is suitable for many environments, such as soil, fresh water, saline water and seawater. It is a promising product for replacing high-silicon cast iron anodes in shallow buried anodes and deep well anode cathodic protection of pipeline storage tanks, and its weight is light. Long service life and high cost performance.
Third, MMO cylindrical anode
It consists of an oxide tubular anode string, an air guide tube, a coke filler and a steel sleeve. After the air guide tube is installed, the filler is filled around the anode string to form a cylindrical anode. Easy to install, it saves customers the trouble of construction.
Fourth, MMO anode tape / titanium conductive tape
It is usually used for the cathodic protection of the floor tank floor and reinforced concrete structure. It is generally laid perpendicular to the titanium conductive strip. The intersection of the joints is spot welded by a special welding machine to form a grid-like grid. The connection point of the power point is connected by an anode special joint. It has become an ideal and promising auxiliary anode material for the current mesh anode protection system.
Five, discrete anode
It is divided into spiral discrete anode and mesh tube type discrete anode. Mainly used for reinforced concrete structures such as piers, offshore platforms and buildings. This type of anode is easy to install and install, directly embedded in the protected body, and applied with current protection for long life.
Six, probe anode
The anode is divided into a platinum titanium probe anode and an MMO probe anode. The difference is that the coating system of the anode is different. Mainly used for cathodic protection of large storage tanks, condensers, heaters, steel containers, pressure vessels, etc. The anode design has reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, stable performance, high cost performance and good corrosion resistance.