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Product Name: MMO Titanium Mesh Belt Anode Oxide Mesh Belt Anode
Product specification: 0.635×6.35mm.0.9×12.7mm, can be customized according to customer needs
Commodity use: Impressed current cathodic protection
Material composition: titanium-based coated electrodes, welding parts, etc.

ICCP cathodic protection

The strip-shaped noble metal oxide anode has been used as the auxiliary anode of the cathodic protection system. It is usually used for the cathodic protection of the ground storage tank floor and the reinforced concrete structure. When the mixed metal oxide anode strip is used for the external wall of the storage tank bottom wall, it is generally It is laid vertically with the titanium conductive tape, and its intersections are connected by spot welding with a special welding machine to form an anode network;


Common specifications of MMO titanium anode strips:

Coating: Iridium Tantalum / Ruthenium Iridium
Base material: industrial pure titanium TA1
Common specifications: width 6.35mm thickness 0.635mm, width 12.7mm thickness 0.9mm
Standard length: 152m/roll or 76m/roll\

Mixed Metal Oxide Anode Strip

Use environment:

A: Good sandy soil environment
B: In the environment of chlorine evolution, oxygen evolution or a mixture of the two
C: Usually used in tank bottoms and reinforced concrete structures

The MMO titanium anode strip produced by BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL has very low loss rate in various environments of cathodic protection, and has high chemical stability, even in low pH value and chloride ion-containing environment, it also has good chemical stability, Low and uniform coating loss rate: 1-6 mg/A.a;

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