The principle of electrolytic disinfection is to adopt the method of non-diaphragm electrolysis to electrolyze tap water to generate strong oxidizing substances and degrade organic macromolecules into CO2 and water. It is equivalent to using the vegetable sink as an electrolytic cell. After electrification, the titanium anode promotes the electrolysis of water, producing oxidative substances such as hydroxyl radicals, and degrading organic macromolecules.

As a research and development and manufacturer of electrode materials for electrolytic water disinfection, HS metal produces electrode sets for fruit and vegetable disinfection by electrolysis. Various types of electrodes can be designed according to common fruit and vegetable disinfection machines and disinfection equipment on the market.

The following titanium electrodes are the titanium electrode products we have produced for hydroxyl disinfection, please refer to them.

Fruit and vegetable disinfection electrolytic electrodeHydroxyl Sterilized Titanium Electrode

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