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The principle of electrolytic disinfection is to use the method of non-diaphragm electrolysis to electrolyze tap water, produce strong oxidizing substances, and degrade organic macromolecules into CO2 and water. It is equivalent to using the vegetable sink as an electrolytic cell. After electrification, the titanium anode promotes the electrolysis of water, producing oxidative substances such as hydroxyl radicals, and degrading organic macromolecules.

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Titanium electrode sheet for electrolytic water disinfection Electrode sheet for fruit and vegetable electrolytic disinfection machine

1. Principle of water electrolysis disinfection and sterilization:

1. When the anode comes into contact with microorganisms, the additional potential at the contact interface, or the potential gradient will destroy the cell membrane, resulting in electrochemical effects in the microorganisms;

2. Disinfection of active substances produced by electrolysis;

3. The pH value of water body will change with electrolysis;

4. Joule heat will be generated at the anode interface, which will play a certain role in disinfection by increasing the temperature;

2. Water electrolysis disinfection device (electrolyzed water disinfection titanium electrode sheet)

The general electrolytic disinfection device uses an electrolytic solution containing chloride ions to produce sodium hypochlorite, ClO2, etc. on the anode for disinfection. The core part is the titanium anode for electrolysis, which is based on industrial titanium and coated with a layer of noble metal mixed oxides. During the process of solution electrolysis, disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite are produced.

The titanium anode for water disinfection produced by Shaanxi Youchuang Technology has developed a formula and process, the coating and the substrate are firmly combined, the electrolysis efficiency is high, and the service life is long.

3. Application fields of titanium electrode sheet for electrolytic water disinfection: fruit and vegetable disinfection machine, disinfection dishwasher, smart toilet, swimming pool disinfection, etc.

Electrolyzed water disinfection technology is a green disinfection technology. It can directly electrolyze tap water or dilute a small amount of salt water to generate hydroxyl radicals, new ecological oxygen, or strong oxidizing substances such as hypochlorite to degrade macromolecular organic compounds. In addition to the general working conditions, it can also be applied to the following special conditions:

Deoxidation processes (eg pickling);

Electrolytes operating at high speeds;

Electrodes are reversed.

The main products of electrolytic water disinfection are as follows:

Ruthenium oxide coated titanium anode

Platinum oxide coated titanium anode

Other electrolyzed water disinfection products:

1. Electrolytic electrode sheet for fruit and vegetable sterilizer

2. Electrolytic electrodes for sterilizing dishwashers

3. Titanium oxide coated electrolytic sheet for water electrolysis machine

4. Disinfection electrodes for smart washing machines and smart toilets

5. Electrolytic anode sheet for beauty and health instrument

Shapes and sizes can be customized.

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