The electrode platinum and titanium anode for hydrogen-rich water cup is the key component to make hydrogen-rich water, and the goodness of the electrode directly affects the quality of water. A good electrode can fully occur electrochemical reaction and produce electrolytic water rich in hydrogen molecules, and it can slow down the life of being body. Poor quality electrodes, in the process of electrolysis, the electrochemical reaction is not sufficient, and it is easy to make the electrolytic water produce odor, which makes it undrinkable and directly affects the quality of the cup.

Electrode material for electrolysis water disinfection

Electrode for hydrogen-rich water cup The platinum-titanium anode

How to select the electrode platinum titanium electrode for hydrogen-rich water cup?

1、To choose the electrode material with high electrocatalytic activity, the hydrogen precipitation effect is better.

2、It is necessary to select a professional anode manufacturer to ensure the quality of electrode.

3、If the condition allows, the sample of electrode should be tested, it can be tested by the professional testing organization and the test report should be issued, if you have the laboratory and testing equipment, you can also test it by yourself.

4、Preliminary judgment, if the electrode surface plating is not uniform, or matt color is dark, no sense of metallic brightness of platinum, it can be initially judged that the platinum plating technology of the electrode is to be tested or not qualified.

The following are the common custom specifications for customers for reference.

1、Base material:GR1\GR2

2、Process: Brush plating

3、Platinum layer thickness: 0.5μ-10μ

4、Using medium: mineral water or other drinking water and other room temperature water

5、Shape and size can be customized.

Product name: titanium mesh platinum anode platinum plating titanium mesh anode

Product specification: plating, hand plating, can be customized according to customer needs

Product color: platinum-plated anode is silver, platinum color

Material composition: titanium-based coating electrode, platinum layer or platinum-iridium layer

Product use: Industrial electroplating, water treatment, electrolytic water hydrogen production, chlor-alkali, electrolytic organic synthesis and other fields