Titanium anode supplier

Swimming is a universal sport. At present, millions of people swimming around the world are enjoying the fun of swimming. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep the pool water clean and clean.

The current new method is disinfection using a chlor-alkali process. The current is passed through an electrolytic cell equipped with NaCl, the anode generates Cl ions, and the cathode generates OH ions. The electrolysis unit finally generates substances including H ions, CL ions and hypochlorous acid. Using this disinfection system can effectively reduce the swimming pool equipment. The rate of corrosion and damage to bleaching of swimwear, and because of the soft water used, this system can also greatly reduce the irritating effect on the skin.

Some of our customers have their own processing system, so titanium anodes are replaced every time they order, as shown in the figure below.

Where can I buy titanium anodes Where can I buy titanium anodes
In addition, some customers purchase the electrolytic cell system directly. The details of the electrolytic cell are as follows:

The first: [S size]
Flow: 120L / hour, size is 220 * 110 * 25mm; PH value is 5.5-10.5

Second: [M size]
Flow: 1.5ton / hour, size is 260 * 160 * 100mm; PH value is 2.6-11.5

The third type: [L size]
Flow: 3ton / hour, size is 260 * 160 * 150mm; PH value is 2.6-11.5

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