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(1) Coating the coating liquid, coating the coating liquid on the surface of the titanium substrate, usually by brush coating, but also by electrostatic spraying method, roller coating method, etc.

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(2) Bake, bake under infrared lamp or far-infrared lamp every time the coating is applied. The drying temperature is generally between 100 and 200 ℃, so that the solvent can be slowly volatilized. The drying process is to completely volatilize the solvent. If the volatilization is not complete, the thermal oxidation process will affect the coating adhesion and the electrochemical performance of the electrode.

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(3) Thermal oxidation, calcined in a heating furnace at a specified temperature for 25-30 min. If the thermal oxidation temperature is too high, on the one hand, the chlorine content in the coating will be reduced to a very low level, and the conductivity of the coating will deteriorate; Electrochemical performance deteriorates.

mmo titanium anodes coated
If the thermal oxidation temperature is too low, the oxidation is incomplete, and the binding force is poor, and the required electrocatalytic performance cannot be obtained.
The oxidation temperature affects the structure, composition and performance of the coating, generally above 400 °C, RuO2 and TiO2 solid solutions with rutile structure can be obtained.
When the coating is a platinum group metal oxide, such as RuO2, the heating atmosphere must be of an oxidizing nature, and a reducing atmosphere is not suitable.

However, it is far from simple for HS METAL to make a qualified titanium electrode product, because the surface of the metal surface will be roughened before the coating is applied. The purpose is to make the coating more powerfully attached to the metal surface. The effective adhesion of the layer will make the quality of the MMO titanium electrode better.

And HS METAL will be more refined when choosing titanium materials.

We will choose titanium with a smooth surface and then roughen it. The reason is that if there are too many impurities in the initial titanium material, there will be scratches on the surface, which will lead to uneven coating and shorten the life. Therefore, the surface of the titanium material we initially choose should be very smooth, but in order for the coating to adhere more strongly to the metal surface, prolong the life of the titanium material. For the service life of the titanium electrode, we will roughen the surface as a whole.

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(After sandblasting, although the surface looks rough, more coating solution is absorbed, the product quality is better, and the service life is longer.)

This process is very troublesome, and because the surface of titanium metal is rougher, more precious metal coating liquid will be consumed in the coating process, but our company — HS METAL hopes to provide customers with higher quality products and make a Bigger, better, stronger company, we will always guarantee high-quality product output, and look forward to cooperating with you.

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