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When it comes to hydrogen production, we have many customers who are dedicated on developing and manufacturing PEM Fuel Cell for variety of applications.

When it comes to fuel cell technology, they all need hydrogen-producing materials. First, let’s take a look at the hydrogen-producing materials currently required by some customers.

1. Titanium electrode (noble metal coating on the surface of titanium substrate, Ru-Ir, Ir-Ta and platinum)
2. Titanium powder sintering (Titanium filter plate or filter element based on titanium powder sintering)
3. Some customers need noble metal coating on the titanium sintered plate (because the titanium sintered plate is more breathable)

Of course, which material is more suitable for hydrogen production? I believe that if you have used or tested it, you will definitely have a better choice.

The material we introduce today for hydrogen production and fuel cells is titanium sintered material.

 Features of sintered titanium powder plate:

1. High filtration accuracy, stable pores, and no change in pore diameter with pressure changes. Can effectively remove suspended solids and particles, excellent filtration accuracy, good purification effect.
2. Good air permeability and low pressure loss. The filter is completely composed of spherical powder or irregular powder, with high porosity, uniform and smooth pore size, small initial resistance, easy backflush, strong regeneration ability and long service life.
3. High mechanical strength, good rigidity, good plasticity, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, without the need of additional skeleton support protection, simple installation and use, easy maintenance, good assembly, can be welded, bonded and machined.
4. Uniform pores, especially suitable for occasions with high uniformity requirements such as fluid distribution and homogenization.
5. Titanium powder sintered product is formed in one time, no cutting is needed, the effective utilization rate of raw materials is high, and the material is saved to the greatest extent. It is especially suitable for components with large batches and complex structures.

Product performance: This material has a variety of porosity (28% -50%), pore size (4u-160u), and filtration accuracy (0.2um-100um). The channels are crisscross, high temperature resistance, and resistance to rapid and cold. Suitable for use in the temperature range below 300 ℃ (of course, high temperature alloys are also suitable for higher temperatures). Corrosion resistance. Suitable for a variety of acid, alkali and other corrosive media. High strength, good toughness. Suitable for high pressure environment It can be welded for easy loading and unloading. The pore shape is stable and the distribution is uniform to ensure stable filtration performance. The regeneration performance is good. After repeated cleaning and regeneration, the filtration performance recovers to more than 90%.

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