Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal – Titanium Pipe Suppliers,The gr9 titanium tube we produce is mainly used for bicycle tube, wheelchair tube, light weight, corrosion resistance, widely used in these aspects
gr9 titanium tube for bike frame (3)gr9 titanium tube for bike frame (4)

At present, some of our Yanshen products-titanium frame (brompton) fork and rear fork, are made of gr9 titanium tube

titanium frame (brompton) fork and rear fork (1)


Applications: Titanium tubes in the aviation field, titanium tubes in the industrial field, various exhaust pipes for automobiles, titanium tubes for bicycle frames, etc.custom titanium bicycles,raleigh titanium road bike,best titanium road bike 2020,titanium full suspension frame,frame mtb titanium,merlin titanium mountain bike,waltly titanium frame