grade 9 titanium tube FOR BIKE FRAME

Application: Exhaust pipes for automobiles, exhaust pipes for motorcycles, bicycle racks, oil pipes, titanium pipes in the aviation field, etc.titanium frame builders,lynskey bike frames,guru titanium bikes,titanium single speed mountain bike,titanium frame gravel bike,titanium road bike frame

SIZE:OD od22.2mm,25.4mm,od31.75mm,od 34.9mm,od38.1mm in stock

Grade 9 titanium tube standard: ASTM B338
Titanium grade 9 tube size: OD6.35-OD70mm
Grade 9 titanium alloy pipe type: seamless pipe
Titanium Grade 9 Pipe Wall Thickness: .035 “– .095 ‘, (special wall thickness available)
Titanium 9 tube schedule: SCH5, SCH10, SCH40, STD, SCH80, SCH160
Grade 9 titanium alloy tube finishing: polished
Grade 9 titanium alloy tube form: round
Ti 9 grade tube length: single random, double random and cut length.
Marking: All grade 9 titanium alloy pipes are marked as follows: standard, grade, outer diameter, thickness, length, heat number (or according to customer requirements.)
We can also cut, thread and slot grade 9 titanium alloy pipes to meet your specifications.

Various sizes, mainly used in titanium bicycle frame industry, if needed, please contact: