Aplication: industry, petroleum pipelines, titanium tubes in the aerospace field, bicycle racks, automobile exhaust pipes, etc.

How to improve the welding quality of titanium welded pipe:

Titanium tube has light weight, high strength and superior mechanical properties. It is widely used in heat exchange equipment, such as tube and tube heat exchangers, coil tube heat exchangers, serpentine tube heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and conveying pipes. Many nuclear power industries regard titanium tubes as standard tubes for their units.

Due to the strong activity of the titanium tube, the welding temperature of the titanium tube, the protective effect of the shielding gas, and the welding environment are more stringent in the welding of the titanium tube, and a little carelessness will cause greater welding quality. If the impact is serious, the product will be scrapped. Practice has proved that: through the analysis of the main factors affecting the welding quality, the key welding process is determined, and the control of the environment, personnel, welding parameters and methods during the welding process is strengthened, which can effectively ensure that the welding quality of the titanium tube material is further improved. Improve to prevent the emergence of welding waste.
In recent years, a new type of titanium tube has been widely used. Because of its light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance, titanium alloys are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, and machinery manufacturing fields, and are currently being used in the construction of piping systems for surface ships for the first time. However, because the titanium alloy is a highly active metal, it has a great affinity for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases at high temperatures, that is, it has a strong ability to absorb and dissolve gases, especially during the welding process. This ability is accompanied by an increase in welding temperature, which is particularly strong. Practice has proved that if the absorption and dissolution of titanium alloys and oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases are not controlled during welding, the product will eventually be scrapped. Therefore, the welding of titanium pipe joints must be effectively prevented and controlled to meet the quality requirements of welding.

ItemTitanium Tube / Titanium Pipe
StandardASTM B338,ASTM B861,ASTM B862
SizeOD:6-273mm,WT:0.2-100mm,Length:1-10m,or as reqired
PackageStandard export package,suit for air and sea transport,by wooden

box or as required

Export toSingapore,Indonesia,Dubai,Ukraine,Saudi Arabia,Spain,


ApplicationBecause of the titanium excellent corrosion resistance, titanium

material widely used in petroleum,chemical,salt,Pharmaceutical,

metallurgy,electronic,aviation, aerospace, Marine,etc.

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