High quality titanium pipe elbow

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Shaanxi, China
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Aerospace, industry, medical,fishing line
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Not Powder
ASTM ,AMS,DIN Standard
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1/2” ~ 6”
Other titanium grade
Corrosion resistant
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Supply Ability:5000 pcs/ per Month

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High quality titanium pipe elbow
High quality titanium pipe elbow
High quality titanium pipe elbow
High quality titanium pipe elbow
SCH40 ASTM B363 Titanium 90 Degree Elbow

The nature of the titanium elbow

Excellent strength, hardness, low density, light weight, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good machinability and excellent corrosion resistance

Product introduction of titanium welded pipe

1, titanium welding pipe specifications: the outer diameter of the largest 15000mm outer diameter minimum 19mm, the largest: 630mm, thickness: 1-10mm. (the inner diameter of 550 is the largest, 18 minimum)
2, welding method: automatic welding machine welding, plasma welding, manual argon arc welding, vacuum argon arc welding
3, detection method: according to customer needs to do radiation detection, coloring, flaw detection, water pressure test and other tests.
4, the implementation of standards: HG / T 3651, HG / T 20592, ASTM B363, ASTM B861, etc.
5, production grade: GR1, GR2, GR5, GR7, GR9, GR12

Specifications of titanium elbow: elbow (R=1.0D, R=1.5D)

1, DN15-DN400
2, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees seamless extrusion or butt weld elbow
3, wall thickness: 1-18mm

Titanium elbow parameters

The radius of curvature of the short radius elbow is equal to 1 times the diameter of the tube. Usually an angle of 90°. Intuitively, the short radius elbow is much shorter than the long radius elbow, and the bend radius of the elbow is very short. The short-radius thick-walled elbow not only has good pressure resistance, but also needs other excellent characteristics in different piping systems. For example, in concrete conveying pipes, high-pressure elbows in mud conveying pipes must not only withstand higher pipe pressures. Also has good wear resistance. In addition to high pipeline pressure, the high-pressure elbow in the chemical raw material pipeline system also has excellent corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance. The high pressure elbow is suitable for oil, natural gas, chemical industry and hydropower. Pipeline systems in the fire, construction and boiler industries.

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SCH40 ASTM B363 Titanium 90 Degree Elbow

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Q:How to get titanium pipefitting suitable for me?
A:Check the details and click on send us Website form or email (anber@bjhighstar.com) and tell us the specification,grade and quantity you need. We will respond to you within 2 hours and give you the best offer.

Q:What are the classification of titanium pipefitting?

Q:How long is your delivery time?
A:If it is in stock, we will ship it within 2 days. If it isnot in stock, the construction period is about 7-15 days.

Q:What is the payment method?
A:We support wire transfer, T/T, credit card payment, PayPal, Payoneer,Western Union.

Q:Is it possible to provide free samples?
A:Of course,We can send free samples for your test according to your needs, you only need to pay a small amount of shipping.

Production equipment

SCH40 ASTM B363 Titanium 90 Degree Elbow
SCH40 ASTM B363 Titanium 90 Degree Elbow

Processing workshop


Characteristics of titanium alloy

Titanium (Ti) has high strength, light weight, high heat resistance and low temperature toughness, and good processing properties and weldability. For the production of valves, it is mainly casting pure titanium and forging pure titanium ZTA2.
Titanium exhibits corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, and even fire and explosion due to different working conditions such as temperature. Therefore, the ordering and design selection should be clearly defined for the nature of the medium used (concentration, temperature, etc.).
Titanium valves have excellent corrosion resistance in a variety of oxidatively aggressive media and neutral media.
Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance in nitric acid below the boiling point and concentration ≤ 80%. In the case of fuming nitric acid, when the NO2 content exceeds 2% and the water content is insufficient, titanium reacts with fuming nitric acid to explode. Therefore, titanium is generally not used for high-temperature nitric acid having a content of 80% or more.
Titanium is not resistant to corrosion in sulfuric acid, and titanium has moderate corrosion resistance in hydrochloric acid. It is generally believed that industrial pure titanium can be used in hydrochloric acid at a concentration of 7.5% at room temperature, 3% at 60 ° C, and 0.5% at 100 ° C. Titanium can also be used at a concentration of 30% at 35 ° C and a concentration of 10% at 100 ° C and 100 ° C. At a concentration of 3% phosphoric acid at °C.
Titanium is not resistant to corrosion in HF (fluoric acid), titanium is not resistant to corrosion in acidic fluoride solutions, titanium is resistant to corrosion in boric acid and chromic acid, and can be used in hydroiodic acid and hydrobromic acid.
Titanium can be used in 60 ° C 10% sulfuric acid and 90% nitric acid mixed acid, boiling 1% hydrochloric acid and 5% nitric acid mixed acid and room temperature aqua regia (Note: aqua regia is a mixture of 3 volumes of concentrated hydrochloric acid and 1 volume of concentrated nitric acid) in.
Titanium is completely resistant to corrosion at various concentrations of barium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide at room temperature, but cannot be used in boiling sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. The ammonia in the base exacerbates the corrosion of titanium.
Titanium has a high operating temperature of 300 ° C in tap water, river water and air. Titanium can be used in seawater with a high flow rate of 20m/s. Titanium has high corrosion resistance in seawater at temperatures ≤120°C. If the temperature is higher than 120°C, pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion may occur.
In addition to formic acid, oxalic acid and concentrated citric acid (concentration ≥ 50%), titanium has excellent corrosion resistance to all organic acids, but titanium is easy when the water content in organic acids is too low (<0.1%). Pitting corrosion occurs.
Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance in hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Titanium can react violently in dry gas to form TiCl4, and there is a risk of fire, but titanium has good corrosion resistance in wet chlorine (water content of 0.3 to 1.5%).
Titanium is stable in HCl dried at 20-160 ° C, but hydrochloric acid causes corrosion to titanium in wet hydrogen chloride.
The pitting potential of titanium in chloride solution is higher than that of stainless steel. The pitting corrosion resistance of titanium against chloride ion is better than that of stainless steel, so titanium has been widely used in chloride solution.
Titanium generally does not produce pitting at temperatures ≤ 80 ° C, but at high concentrations of medium concentration chloride solution (eg 25% aluminum chloride solution at 100 ° C, 70% calcium chloride solution at 175 ° C, 25% at 200 ° C) Pitting corrosion is more likely to occur in magnesium chloride solution and 75% zinc chloride solution at 200 °C.

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