Titanium application in the field of bicycles
Titanium parts do not have aging problems, which are irreplaceable by other metal materials and carbon fiber materials, and have low specific gravity and high strength. They are now applied to high-grade road bicycles and mountain biking bicycles such as titanium, carbon fiber, etc., and low titanium materials.

DIN 912 – Hexagon socket Head Cap Screws
Color:Titanium color(nature),blue,gold,black,colorful
Application: Bicycle, motorcycle accessories

Titanium Bolts, screw,Nuts, Washers and Fasteners
Titanium bolts, titanium alloy fasteners, nuts and screws for racing cars and bikes, Titanium bolts and fasteners for Bicycles and motor Cycles and other Titanium metric bolts, Metric Fasteners, Ti Bolts. Titanium nuts, titanium washers, titanium hardware

Titanium motorcycle bolt multiple colour
Customise your Motorcycle with High Grade Titanium Bolts, Nuts and fasteners. A selection of colours including natural, gold and black, purple and blue, colorful perfect …

Titanium Expansion Bolts
Expansion Bolts fix into a hole which is similar to the diameter of the bolt. This allows the hole to be drilled through the hole in the item to be fixed.
These light to heavy duty anchors can be used brick and block base material, and can even be used in soft masonry and base materials of questionable strength.

Different CNC machining techniques for titanium parts
Precision Machining/CNC Turning & Milling
horizontal mill, CNC mill, CNC lathe, CNC turning center, etc. This makes us capable of carrying out operations, such as grooving, parting, knurling, drilling, etc.

Gr5 Ti-6-AL-4-V Titanium CNCmachine parts
It is one of the most widely used alloys in a variety of applications and is known for its high strength and higher temperature resistance than grade 2 titanium. This is why this grade of alloy is most commonly used in chemical processing, medical, aerospace, marine and other applications.

gr2 pure titanium parts & GR5 & Gr9
The tensile strength of Gr9 titanium is stronger than that of Gr2, which is more popular at room temperature and high temperature. This alloy grade is also called Ti-3AL-2.5V. Grade 9 titanium alloys have higher weldability than grade 5 titanium alloys.

Titanium CNC Machining Capabilities
We have complete cnc machine shop capable of machining parts to customer specification.If you need,please send your drawing to our email:anber@bjhighstar.com

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