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Titanium Anode for Producing Sodium Hypochlorite
SubstrateShape of SubstratePlate/mesh
Substrate MaterialTitanium GR1,according to the ASTM
Sizesclients’ demand
Coating Details1)Ruthenium and Iridium mixed dioxid coating

2)Contents of the noble material 8 g/m2-25 g/m2

Application Environment1)Density of Current < 2000 Am/M2

2)Contents of hydrochloric acid<20%

3)Cotents of the fluorion<500 mg/L

4)Temperature < 60°C

5)PH value 1-12

Lifetimefive years
Product Features1)Stability dimension

2)Lower electricity consumption.

3)High catalytic

4)Effectively production efficiency

5)Strong corrosion resistance,long working life

Production time15-20 days.Cause the longer production time,

pls place order in advance.




  1. I want to buy titanium anode. What is the price?

Titanium anodes are customized products, you need to provide drawings or specific sizes and quantities before production, we will quote as soon as possible; of course, we also have a large number of titanium anode samples available for you to test

  1. How many coatings are you provided?

mixed Ru-Ir oxide, mixed Ir-Ta oxide, platinum, MMOcoating

Thickness of brushing: under normal circumstances, ru-ir and Ir-Ta are 4-6um, brushing about 20-22 times.

Different coating can be better worked in different condition. Which one is the best? It is determined by the working condition.

If you have no idea about it, just provide us anode working condition such as current density, electrolyte, working temperature, voltage, application etc. our engineer will give you some help.

  1. How long is the anode can be used?

The usual situation is 2-5 years; This is also depend on the anode working condition. Our engineer will check it with the data you provided.

  1. What is the lead time?

As usual, it is 10-15 days. But we are often finish production in advance. We have to consider force majeure factor in guranteed lead time.

  1. What is the available payment way?

Samples can accept western union and paypal, payoneer. TT (wire transfer) is usually what we preferred. If the total amount is very big, we can also accept LC at sight.

  1. Would you mind give me buying guides?

receive your PO / confirm — issue formal PI to you — 100% or 30% advance payment — start production — complete the rest payment — shipment.

Our Advantage

  1. We are in the center of origin of titanium materials, to ensure the long-term stable supply of high-quality titanium products and competitive prices;
  2. We have a large number of titanium materials in stock and provide OEM / ODM services to meet your various needs;
  3. Online 24 hours, to ensure timely reply and quotation;
  4. If necessary, we can provide samples for you to test;

With many years of experience in the production of titanium electrodes and a large number of sample stocks, if you need testing or inquiry, please contact us: Email: anber@bjhighstar.com, whatsapp: 8615034001015