Mmo Anode For Sale

Application:Water purification industry, sewage treatment industry, water purification industry, electrolysis industry, sodium hypochlorite generator industry, chlor-alkali industry, etc.secondary clarifier in wastewater treatment,organic chlorine,digester wastewater treatment.

Item:titanium anode

Size:as drawing to produce

Coating:Ru-Ir coating


Titanium Anode for Producing Sodium Hypochlorite
SubstrateShape of SubstratePlate/mesh
Substrate MaterialTitanium GR1,according to the ASTM
Sizesclients’ demand
Coating Details1)Ruthenium and Iridium mixed dioxid coating

2)Contents of the noble material 8 g/m2-25 g/m2

Application Environment1)Density of Current < 2000 Am/M2

2)Contents of hydrochloric acid<20%

3)Cotents of the fluorion<500 mg/L

4)Temperature < 60°C

5)PH value 1-12

Lifetimefive years
Product Features1)Stability dimension

2)Lower electricity consumption.

3)High catalytic

4)Effectively production efficiency

5)Strong corrosion resistance,long working life

Production time15-20 days.Cause the longer production time,

pls place order in advance.