Platinized Titanium Anode is simply a titanium anode made of titanium metal and coated with platinum precious metal on the surface of titanium metal,We will introduce platinum coating and titanium anode from the following aspects:

The composition of platinum coated titanium plates:

Platinum coated + titanium substrate; gr1 or TA1 pure titanium as the substrate. After special treatment, the surface is coated with precious metal platinum. The thickness of the coating is generally 1-5um. The thickness of the coating can be adjusted according to specific needs. In general, the anode shape is divided into a variety of plates. Cutting), mesh (platinum titanium mesh mesh specifications are generally 12.5 × 4.5mm or 6 × 3.5mm, this is the titanium mesh stock specifications, if you need other sizes of titanium mesh specifications, we can produce), mesh basket shape , Customized according to drawings and other needs.


Advantages of  platinum coated titanium plates:

Platinum-coated titanium electrodes have many advantages. For example, the shape and manufacture of the titanium substrate are easier and the precision can be increased; the substrate can be used repeatedly without damage; it has high catalytic activity and strong corrosion resistance; life It is much longer than ordinary MMO coating (generally applicable life is 5-7 years);

As we all know, platinum group metals have a higher electrocatalytic activation. The platinum electrode is an oxygen evolution electrode. Electrolyzed water can better generate hydrogen molecules, thereby achieving high concentration of hydrogen water. When electrolyzing water, the electrode reaction formula is as follows.

In acid solution
Cathode reaction 4H++4e=2H2∏=0V
Anode reaction2H2O = 4H++O2+4e∏=1.23V
In alkaline solution
Cathode reaction4H2O +4e=2H2+4OH∏=-0.828V
Anode reaction4OH-=2H2O+O2+4e∏=0.401V

It can be seen from the above formula that the overall reaction of water electrolysis is as follows, whether in an acidic or alkaline solution. The theoretical decomposition voltage of 2H2O=2H2+O2 water has nothing to do with pH value. It can be achieved by choosing Platinumized Titanium Anode.


The disadvantages of platinum coated titanium plates:

Summarizing all the characteristics of platinum-coated titanium anodes, overall, there is only one disadvantage, which is high cost.


The purpose of platinum coated titanium plates :

1. Hydrogen-rich water cup (Titanium electrode for electrolytic hydrogen-rich water)

Platinumized Titanium Anode (1)

This is the display of the platinum coated titanium plates installed on the bottom part of the glass

Platinumized Titanium Anode (2)

Titanium electrode for hydrogen-rich water cups mass produced for customers

Platinum titanium anode net (39)

Titanium electrodes for hydrogen cups of other shapes

Platinum titanium anode net (41)

Titanium electrodes for hydrogen cups of other shapes(We can customize platinum-coated titanium anodes of different sizes and shapes)

2. Platinum titanium electrode for disinfection water machine

Platinum coated titanium anode manufacturers (6)
3. Platinum titanium electrode for electrolysis water machine

Platinum coated titanium anode manufacturers (19)
4. Platinum and titanium electrodes for gold and silver plating

Platinum coated titanium anode manufacturers (1)
5. Platinum titanium electrode for hydrogen production



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