Anode Titanium Dimensionally Stable Anode

Application:chlor-alkali industry, wastewater treatment industry, electroplating industry and sodium hypochlorite generator. mainly include chlorine level salt water pool,electrolysis pool,salt cell chlorine generator,salt generator cell,water heater electrode,portable wastewater treatment plant,chlorine cost

Many types of coatings, MMO coating, ru-Ir coating, Ir-Ta coating, pt coating

pt coating as follows:

Ru-Ir coating:

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    Technical parameters are as follows:

    Place of OriginShaanxi, ChinaBrand NameHS
    Model NumberHS-Ti-anodeApplicationElectrolysis
    TechniqueBrushing,RollingGradeGr1/2 Pure Titanium
    Powder Or Not:Not PowderTi Content (%)99.6%min
    TypeElectrochemistry EquipmentCoating Content≥ 12gram per square meter
    Coating techniqueBrushing and OxidationSubstratePure titanium as substrate
    Shape TypePlate, Mesh Tubular, BarSubstrate treatmentAcid pickling,or sand blasting
    Current Density2000A/m2AdvantageHigh Current Efficiency Property