Magnetic Shape Memory nitinol wire

Main uses: fishing line,super elastic memory alloy mobile phone antennas,optical glasses frames, Bluetooth headsets, medical.

Shape Memory Alloy WireShape Memory Alloy Wirenitinol wire teeth

Titanium nickel shape memory alloy wire nitinol price 

Production Description: 

Nitinol is A shape-memory alloy SMA is an alloy with features: shape memory character and super-elastic, SMA can “remember” its original shape and deformed  to its pre-deformed shape when heated.Nickle 55% Titanium 45% .Small changes in composition can significantly impact the properties of the material.

1. Grade: Ti-Ni-01/Ti-Ni-02/Ti-Ni-SS

2. standard: ASTM F 2063

3. Feature: Shape memory and superelastic

Technical Parameter: 

Product Name
0.5mm SMA superelastic Titanium nickel alloy Nitinol wires
Titanium Nickel alloy
ASTM F2063
  DIA 0.1 mm–7mm
  AF temperature range
  • As(f.a.) -25C ± 10C, active Af 0C
  • As(f.a.) -15C ± 10C (most common), Active Af +5C
  • As(f.a.) -15C ± 10C Redox, Active Af +5C
  • As(f.a.) +20C ± 15C, Active Af +28C
  • As(f.a.) +65C ± 20C, Active Af +70C
  • As(f.a.) +95C ± 5C, Active Af > +80C
wire type 
Spool or in coil
Lead time 
3-5 days if in stock

Physical Properties of Nitinol

Density: 6.45gms/cc
Melting Temperature: 1240-1310° C
Resistivity (hi-temp state): 82 uohm-cm
Resistivity (lo-temp state): 76 uohm-cm
Thermal Conductivity: 0.1 W/cm-° C
Heat Capacity: 0.077 cal/gm-° C
Latent Heat: 5.78 cal/gm; 24.2 J/gm
Magnetic Susceptibility (hi-temp):3.8 uemu/gm
Magnetic Susceptibility (lo-temp): 2.5 uemu/gm

Mechanical Properties of Nitinol

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 754 – 960 MPa or 110 – 140 ksi
Typical Elongation to Fracture: 15.5 percent
Typical Yield Strength (hi-temp): 560 MPa, 80 ksi
Typical Yield Strength (lo-temp): 100 MPa, 15 ksi
Approximate Elastic Modulus (hi-tem): 75 GPa, 11 Mpsi
Approximate Elastic Modulus (lo-temp): 28 GPa, 4 Mpsi
Approximate Poisson’s Ratio: 0.3