shape memory metal nitinol wire

Standard:ASTM F2063,DIA:≥0.05mm

Main uses: fishing line,super elastic memory alloy mobile phone antennas,optical glasses frames, Bluetooth headsets, medical.

shape memory metal nitinol wirenitinol wire ringnitinol wire teeth


The so-called memory metal refers to a series of metals and alloys with “memory”. After this kind of memory metal is deformed, under certain external effects, such as high pressure, high temperature, low temperature, and power supply, it can restore it to its previous state before deformation. The application of memory metal is extremely wide, and all its properties change with temperature. From a microscopic point of view, atoms of memory metals (metals are made up of atoms, not ions or molecules) have a unique configuration in the spatial structure. After external forces change their macroscopic shape, under certain conditions, their spatial structure may be Will reply.

NameGradeTransformation Temperature AFFormStandard
Shape Memory Nitinol AlloyTi-Ni-0120 °C~ 40 °C  WireCustomer specified or

Industry standard

Ti-Ni-0245 °C~ 90 °C
Superelastic Nitinol AlloyTiNi-SS-5 °C~ 5 °C
Low TemperatureSuperelastic Nitinol AlloyTN3-5°C~ -15°C
 TNC-20°C~ -30°C
Medical Nitinol AlloyTiNi-SS33 ± 3 °C WireASTM F2063