nitinol cooling baoji highstar titanium metal

Use:Fishing line, Fishing wire,super elastic memory alloy mobile phone antennas, fishing hooks, fishing rods, children’s toy antennas, optical glasses frames, Bluetooth headsets, earhook, medical.

Standard:ASTM F2063


TiNi shape memory alloy is a functional material. In addition to its high specific strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic properties, and good biocompatibility, it also has peculiar shape memory properties and super-strong performance. It is widely used in aerospace, communications, medical, automatic control, instrumentation, pipeline connection, glasses manufacturing, and daily life. The comprehensive performance of TiNi shape memory alloy has reached the international advanced level; it enjoys a high reputation in domestic medical equipment, eyewear manufacturing, mobile phone antenna and other industries.

NameGradeTransformation Temperature AFFormStandard
Shape Memory Nitinol AlloyTi-Ni-0120 °C~ 40 °C  WireCustomer specified or

Industry standard

Ti-Ni-0245 °C~ 90 °C
Superelastic Nitinol AlloyTiNi-SS-5 °C~ 5 °C
Low TemperatureSuperelastic Nitinol AlloyTN3-5°C~ -15°C
 TNC-20°C~ -30°C
Medical Nitinol AlloyTiNi-SS33 ± 3 °C WireASTM F2063