nickel and titanium alloy wire

  • Specification:Dia 0.43mm
  • Main uses: Fishing line, Fishing wire
  • Shape:round rope,Around axis
  • MOQ:1kg

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Application areas:
1. Used in super elastic memory alloy mobile phone antennas, children’s toy antennas, optical glasses frames. With the development of the times, it has been gradually used in women’s body-shaping support rings. laboratory.
2. One-way shape recovery using one-way shape memory effect. Such as pipe joints, antennas, collars, etc.
3. External two-way memory recovery. That is to use the one-way shape memory effect and use external force to do repeated actions with the temperature rise and fall, such as thermal elements, robots, terminals, etc.
4. Super-elastic application. Such as springs, binding posts, spectacle frames, etc. The memory alloy material frame takes a spring made of memory alloy as an example. Put this spring in hot water, the length of the spring will be extended immediately, and then put into cold water, it will immediately return to its original state. The shape memory alloy spring can be used to control the water temperature of the bathroom water pipe. When the hot water temperature is too high, the “memory” function can be used to adjust or close the water supply pipe to avoid burns. It can also be made into a fire alarm device and a security device for electrical equipment. When a fire occurs, the spring made of memory alloy deforms, and the fire alarm device is activated to achieve the purpose of alarm. The spring made of memory alloy can also be placed in the heating valve to maintain the temperature of the heating room. When the temperature is too low or too high, the heating valve can be automatically opened or closed.
5. The biocompatibility of TiNi alloy is very good, and its medical examples using shape memory effect and super elasticity are quite similar. Such as thrombus filters, spinal orthopedic rods, orthodontic wires, cerebral aneurysm clips, bone plates, intramedullary needles, artificial joints, contraceptive devices, heart repair components, micropumps for artificial kidneys, etc.