Niti wire are uses: fishing line,super elastic memory alloy mobile phone antennas,optical glasses frames, Bluetooth headsets, medical.

MOQ:1kg;Standard:ASTM F2063

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Nitinol is A shape-memory alloy SMA is an alloy with features: shape memory character and super-elastic, Niti wire-SMA can “remember” its original shape and deformed  to its pre-deformed shape when heated.Nickle 55% Titanium 45% .Small changes in composition can significantly impact the properties of the material.

1. Grade: Ti-Ni-01/Ti-Ni-02/Ti-Ni-SS

2. standard: ASTM F 2063

3. Feature: Shape memory and superelastic

Niti wire-Technical Parameter: 

Product Name
0.5mm SMA superelastic Titanium nickel alloy Nitinol wires
ASTM F2063
  DIA 0.1 mm–7mm
  AF temperature range
  • As(f.a.) -25C ± 10C, active Af 0C
  • As(f.a.) -15C ± 10C (most common), Active Af +5C
  • As(f.a.) -15C ± 10C Redox, Active Af +5C
  • As(f.a.) +20C ± 15C, Active Af +28C
  • As(f.a.) +65C ± 20C, Active Af +70C
  • As(f.a.) +95C ± 5C, Active Af > +80C
wire type 
Spool or in coil
Lead time 
3-5 days if in stock

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