Gr9 titanium seamless tube in stock for bike frame

Titanium bicycle frame is a development trend in recent years. It is light in weight and non-corrosive. It is the choice of more and more people’s healthy life. We can provide gr9 titanium tube with professional production of titanium bicycle frame at low price. It has a large number of stocks and various sizes. All,

Porous electrode for fuel cell

The electrodes used in fuel cells must be porous, usually called gas diffusion (or gas porous) The electrode so that the reaction gas enters the electrode from the back and the electrolyte penetrates to the front. What is the material of the porous electrode? At present, we can provide various materials of titanium sintered plates

Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Co.,ltd

Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Co., Ltd is from Baoji City, China, which is also known as "China Titanium Valley" Baoji City is located on the west side of Shaanxi Province, about an hour ’s drive. Titanium in Baoji City accounts for 22% of the world ’s total titanium output. It has a large number of

Do you know titanium porous?

Titanium porous has another name, called titanium foam or titanium sintered material, why is it called sintered material, because titanium porous is made of high-purity titanium powder through high-temperature sintering method, so it becomes titanium porous material, and it is also very widely used Filtration in the food industry, industrial filtration, and various aspects such


Titanium anode is our main introduction today, titanium is a material, please let us first understand the anode.The anode is a concept in the electrochemical reaction. It exists opposite to the cathode. In the electrolytic cell, the anode is connected to the positive electrode. The oxidation reaction on the anode is the anion in the

Ti 3al 2.5V tube | GR9 titanium tube for bike frame

Ti 3al 2.5V tube , GR9 titanium tube for bike frame Cycling has become a popular way of life in recent years. Various qualities and types of bicycles are emerging, and there are many types, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and beach bikes.Ti 3al 2.5V tube is the main titanium tube material used to make

What is titanium foam used for?

Do you know titanium foam? What is titanium foam used for? Today ’s article will tell you the answer: Titanium foam is a porous titanium filter element using 99.6% high-purity titanium powder as raw material, after sieving, static pressure molding, and then sintered by high temperature and high vacuum. The characteristics of the product are


MMO TITANIUM ANODE FOR CHLORINE We produce titanium anodes for chlorine generators to generate chlorine gas for disinfection. The following are the products produced. If necessary, please contact us as soon as possible. Email:, Whatsapp: 86 15034001015   MMO titanium anode