Operating site: Baoji High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Mainly engaged in: titanium seamless pipe, titanium welded pipe, titanium bar, sheet, wire and titanium-nickel alloy wire and other titanium-related materials production and processing and sales, in recent years dedicated to foreign trade exports.
Production equipment: There are dozens of production testing equipments such as advanced and complete titanium metal rolling equipment, annealing equipment and straightening equipment.
Production capacity: titanium tube sheet wire with annual output of 100 tons and titanium alloy processing material of titanium-nickel alloy wire.
System certification: ISO 9001-2008 management system certification, products in line with ASTM and GB/T3624 standards.


 Company profile

Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal  Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise founded with the brand-new management
concept, The company mainly provides processing and export trade titanium products services. The company firmly established the corporate philosophy of “Quality is life, quality
is benefit, quality is the future” with high quality and high quality. Under the guidance of this concept, the company manages the whole process of production and
business activities in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000. From the procurement of raw
materials to the shipment of finished products. Every link follows strict control, inspection and inspection. The company takes the famous testing center
of Baoti Group Testing Center and Northwest Research Institute as the standard, so that the production
process is inspected and controlled, thus ensuring that the products meet the requirements of contracts
and related standards. Relying on strict management system and Baoti Group and Northwest Research Institute. The company
can produce military, aerospace, medical, civil titanium and titanium alloy materials according to
relevant standards, and produce special titanium products such as titanium plate, bar, wire and titanium
processing parts of various specifications, satisfying domestic and foreign Customer demand.

Titanium raw material

Use high-purity titanium sponge as raw material for titanium products

Titanium processing equipment

From forging to finished products, the titanium products you need are produced from the following equipment.

Titanium finished product

Part of the titanium finished product display, according to customer requirements and drawings.

Titanium product packaging

The interior uses a shock-proof sponge and the exterior uses a standard export wooden box. Ensure that the product arrives in your hands safely and without damage.

Titanium Exhibition

Our company participated in” Baoji –the third titanium product exhibition”, and some of the photo exhibitions are as follows

Titanium tube Application

Our customer’s ship made of titanium tube – “The sea wolf”