Production process: billet-extrusion-rolling-straightening-seamless titanium tube
There are a large number of various specifications in stock, which can be customized according to the required size
A large part of the gr9 titanium tube is used in bicycle frames, the advantages are very obvious:

Titanium alloy can make a very light and strong frame. The strength of titanium is similar to that of steel, but the weight is only a little more than half of steel. Therefore, titanium alloy frames with the same strength will be much lighter than steel frames.

Titanium alloy has very good elasticity, which makes it indispensable in absorbing riding vibration. The frame made of titanium alloy has very good comfort, and titanium is a memory metal. It has almost unlimited service life in its deformation range, which means that buying a titanium alloy frame is a kind of Once and for all approach. Generally speaking, under professional use conditions, the service life of aluminum alloy frames is 2 years, steel frames are 8 years, and titanium frames can reach about 20 years.

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