Gr9 titanium alloy tube is a low-alloyed near-α titanium alloy. It has good cold formability and weldability. The room temperature strength is 20%~50% higher than that of industrial pure titanium. It has good corrosion resistance in many media. Sex. Therefore, Gr9 titanium alloy is the ideal material for making high-pressure and high-pressure lightweight ducts on the aircraft with its excellent comprehensive performance, and its good welding performance and light weight can be used.
Titanium bicycle frame production, we currently have a large number of stock, welcome to inquiry.

Titanium bike frame is high-end, lightweight, and rust-free. It is ideal for outdoor sports, sharing a titanium frame and a colored titanium frame.

gr9 titanium tube for bike frame

If you need to solder and assemble yourself, we can supply gr9 titanium tubes of different sizes for titanium bicycle frames. The stock is as follows: