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Electrolyzed water disinfection technology depends to a certain extent on the selection of electrode materials. The hydroxyl radical is a very active substance and exists for a short time. Therefore, an electrode material that can produce this substance in large quantities should be selected.

titanium anode plate

During the research and development process of Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal and the cooperation with many customers, several electrode materials were tested, among which titanium-based ruthenium-iridium coating and titanium-plating anode performed better. Because the ruthenium-iridium mixed oxide coating has good electrocatalytic activity, it is coated on the surface of the titanium substrate after special processing, and has high electrolysis efficiency.

Ru-Ir Coated titanium anode plate--HS METAL

This method only needs to select electrodes with high electrocatalytic activity, the electrolyte is tap water, and the reaction conditions are low, which is suitable for daily household use.

Other factors affecting the disinfection effect of electrolyzed water

Mass production of titanium electrodes for fruit and vegetable disinfection

In the electrolysis reaction, the selection of electrode materials, voltage, current, electrode spacing, reaction time, temperature, electrolyte, etc. are all factors that affect the disinfection effect.

Electrolyzed water disinfection technology

Scope of application

1. Fruit and vegetable disinfection machine

2. Disinfect the dishwasher

3. Electrolyzed water machine

4. Household sterilizer

5. Portable sterilizer

6. Intelligent kitchen and bathroom system, etc.

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