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1. Coating: provide ruthenium-based coatings that meet customer requirements

2. Features: long service life, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving

3. Service life: ≥1-3 years, 3-5 years

Fruit and vegetable sterilizer electrolytic pole piece electrode Electrolyzed water disinfection anode and cathode piece

Has the following advantages:

1. The core electrolytic cell electrode group is independently produced, using industrial-grade pure titanium as the base material, multi-element precious metal oxide coating formula, and good corrosion resistance;

2. The electrolysis reaction occurs fully, and the disinfection substances produced are stable;

3. Simple design, reasonable structure and easy maintenance;

4. The after-sales service is guaranteed. The factory independently develops and designs. If there is any problem, it can adjust the plan at any time and provide maintenance.

sacrificial anode for ironFactors Affecting the Service Life of Titanium Electrodes
Treatment of industrial wastewater by electrolysistitanium anode factory

Scope of use:

1. Electrolyzed water machine

2. Fruit and vegetable disinfection machine

3. Dishwasher

4. Disinfect the washing machine

5. Smart toilet

6. Beauty instrument

7. Various types of electrolytic disinfection equipment

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