Titanium heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchange equipment made of high-quality titanium tubes to transfer part of the heat of the hot fluid to the cold fluid. With many advantages of industrial pure titanium, titanium heat exchangers are universal equipment for chemical, petroleum, power, food and many other industrial sectors, and occupy an important position in production.

1. Features of titanium heat exchanger
Titanium heat exchangers are not easy to lose metal ions, so they can make full use of this non-magnetic feature and be used as heat exchangers for pharmaceutical and food applications. Due to the strong corrosion resistance of titanium, the service life of the heat exchanger is long, and the maintenance cost during use is also small. In addition, due to its small size and large heat exchange capacity, the investment and operating costs of related equipment (such as pumps) can be reduced accordingly.

2. Applications
Relying on the excellent properties of industrial pure titanium, titanium heat exchangers are widely used in various seafood breeding, seawater heat exchange, brine heat exchange, chemical, food, medicine, metallurgy, refrigeration, light industry, electroplating industry, aluminum oxidation tank, Industries and fields such as salt making, papermaking, ultrasound, electronic communications, and central heating.

3. Advantages of titanium heat exchanger
(1) High heat transfer coefficient: Threaded tube is a high-efficiency heat transfer element that uses internal and external threads made of copper or stainless steel with high thermal conductivity. The threaded tube heat exchanger made of it has low fluid resistance. Then, a strong turbulent flow is formed, which greatly improves the heat dissipation coefficient inside and outside the tube. After testing, the total heat transfer coefficient reaches 3000 ~ 6000W / m2 ℃ during steam-water heat exchange, and the total heat transfer coefficient reaches 2500 ~ 5500W / m2 ℃ during water-heat exchange.

(2) Compact structure: This product has a large heat transfer area per unit volume. The total heat transfer coefficient is high, so the footprint is greatly reduced, saving materials and space.
(3) Not easy to scale: Due to the special concave-convex structure of the threaded pipe, the multi-layered and rotating scouring effect is generated inside and outside the pipe, and the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipe will not cause impurities to remain inside and outside the pipe wall, so it is not easy to form scale. Scale, long-term running effect is good.
(4) Not easy to leak: This product has a short sealing perimeter. The thick thread of the threaded pipe is similar to an expansion joint. It has its own compensation ability, and the heat stress of the heat exchanger is small, and it is not easy to leak.
(5) Easy installation: This series of heat exchangers are available in horizontal and vertical versions for easy installation in different positions.