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Titanium Electrode Descaling Anode the principle of electrolytic descaling:

Direct current is applied to the cooling circulating water through the electrode to improve the dissolving ability of the circulating water to the scale-forming substances, and gradually dissolve the scale attached to the cooling circulating water system. After the electrolysis starts, the heavy metal ions (including scale) in the water will adhere to the surface of the negative electrode plate in the electrolysis cell of the electrolysis descaling system, and then the polarity of the positive electrode and the negative electrode is switched periodically. After switching, the scale adhering to the negative electrode falls off and is discharged to the outside of the circulating water system together with the drainage.

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Electrolysis Circulating Water Scale Remover Titanium Scale Collector The principle of electrolytic descaling

Titanium Electrode Descaling Anode Application areas:

1. Seawater treatment: The seawater electrolysis treatment circulating water system has been widely used in coastal power stations, marine ballast water and other fields.

By electrolysis, seawater is directly electrolyzed to generate oxidizing substances such as sodium hypochlorite. These substances have the effect of directly degrading the larvae and spores of marine organisms. To achieve the purpose of preventing marine organisms from attaching; if the circulating water pipeline is used as the cathode, it also has the effect of cathodic protection, which has the synergistic effect of anti-corrosion and anti-fouling.

2. Fresh water treatment: It is widely used in the circulating water system of inland power plants, central air-conditioning circulating water, and industrial circulating water. At present, this technology is also used in the disinfection industry.

Through electrolysis, a high concentration of hydroxide is formed near the cathode. This high pH environment allows the scaled minerals to be pre-scaled and precipitated from the water. At the same time, hydroxyl radicals are generated at the anode, and chloride ions are converted into free chlorine, and part of the hydroxide radicals are converted into trace ozone, which provides a biocidal effect, and plays the role of disinfection and algae killing.

According to market demand, Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal produces a portable circulating water descaling and descaling device, which can be directly inserted into the water to be treated, with simple operation and convenient installation.

1. Using small current electrolysis technology, no chemical reagents are added, and no chemical additional substances are generated;
2. While cleaning the water body, it can inhibit the formation of microorganisms and green algae, destroy the growth environment of microorganisms and destroy the biofilm;
3. It can alleviate the concentration problem of cooling water and prolong the cycle of discharging concentrated water, so it saves water compared with traditional methods.
4. Stable performance and simple operation.