During the operation of the industrial circulating cooling water system, the circulating water is continuously concentrated due to evaporation of water, wind loss, etc., the salts contained in it exceed the standard, the anions and cations increase, and the pH value changes significantly, resulting in the deterioration of the water quality, and the circulating water. Temperature, pH and nutrients are conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms, and sufficient sunlight on the cooling tower is an ideal place for algae growth. For scaling control, corrosion control, microbial control, etc., circulating water treatment is necessary.

Electrolytic descaling and algae removal machine

The industrial circulating cooling water is treated by electrolysis. Through electrolysis, a high concentration of hydroxide radicals are formed near the cathode. This high pH environment allows the scaled minerals to be pre-scaled and precipitated from the water, which softens the water. effect. At the same time, hydroxyl radicals are generated at the anode, and chloride ions are converted into free chlorine, and part of the hydroxide radicals are converted into trace ozone, which has the effect of killing algae and bacteriostasis. This electrolyzed water system has been widely used in the circulating water system of inland power plants, central/central air-conditioning circulating water, and large-scale industrial circulating water fields. At present, this technology is also used in the disinfection industry.

principle of electrolytic descaling

Coated titanium anode is one of the core components of circulating water treatment equipment. The ruthenium-iridium-titanium anode developed by Shaanxi Youchuang Technology after years of research and development has a high oxygen evolution potential, which produces hydroxyl radicals, ozone and other oxidizing substances, as well as efficiency and efficiency. The characteristics of long service life have been used in various industrial circulating cooling water systems, fresh water circulating water treatment systems, industrial water softening systems and disinfection industries. Welcome to inquire.

mmo titanium anode Electrolytic descaling instrument

Commonly used tube type, plate type, other specifications can also be customized.

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