Electrodes play a very important role in the electrolysis industry, and the electrochemical reactions in the electrolysis process are carried out at the interface between the electrode surface and the electrolyte. The appearance of oxide electrodes has greatly promoted the development of anode materials. Titanium-based Ru-Ir-Ti oxide anodes have been extensively studied and applied due to their excellent electrochemical activity and stability. We use Gr1 titanium material as the substrate, the quality of the raw materials is good, and the surface is free of cracks. The coating used is also selected according to the customer’s solution ions and requirements.


https://www.bjhighstar.com/home-2/products-2/titanium-anode/ruthenium-iridium-titanium-anode-plate/ https://www.bjhighstar.com/home-2/products-2/titanium-anode/ https://www.bjhighstar.com/home-2/products-2/titanium-anode/ruthenium-iridium-titanium-anode-plate/

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