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1. Introduction of Titanium Basket

The titanium basket is composed of titanium plate and titanium mesh, and the thickness of titanium ranges from 0.5-2mm. Titanium baskets commonly used meshes are 6mm×3mm, 10mm×3mm, 10mm×5mm, and wider 16mm×8mm, 25mm×15mm, etc.

The titanium basket has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and an oxide film on the surface. Under normal electroplating conditions, the film can prevent the current from passing through the titanium basket and make the current directly lead to the anode material in the titanium basket.

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Titanium baskets come in a variety of styles, including round, rectangular, saucer, and more. Special designs can also be made according to product requirements

Titanium baskets are usually used in conjunction with anode bags. The anode bag is generally made of polyester (polyester fiber) or polypropylene (polypropylene fiber) that is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion or oxidation, and is placed outside the titanium basket to prevent impurities such as anode sludge from mixing into the tank. Sometimes in order to more effectively prevent anode slime and prevent burrs from occurring in the coating, double-layer anode bags can be used. When using a double-layer bag, the inner bag should be tightly wrapped, and the outer bag should be looser. Anode bags generally must have the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and good elasticity.

Second, the advantages of using titanium baskets

1. Can effectively control the ratio of anode to anode area

2. The anode has good solubility and produces less anode sludge

3. The anode material is easy to load or replenish. Anode maintenance is also relatively simple

4. The anode material is fully used and leftover materials can be used to save energy consumption and reduce costs

5. It can prevent the uneven current distribution caused by the dissolution of the lower part when using the anode plate or anode strip

6. Improve the load capacity of the anode, increase the soluble anode area, and reduce anode passivation

7. Continuous deposition, balanced circulation distribution, high anode efficiency, small voltage loss and low consumption

Three, titanium basket design points

1. The conductivity of titanium is poor. Generally, the current of the hook outside the water is not more than 0.24A/mm2, and the current of the hook in the water is not more than 1.5A/mm2. Otherwise, the hook body will heat up, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the electroplating solution and a cooling capacity. increase, waste electricity, and even damage the plastic tank due to heat

2. The titanium basket hook and the electrode are generally not in contact with a plane or a circular surface. This method is easy to cause poor contact and cause spot corrosion of the electrode.

Fourth, the use of titanium basket precautions

1. The anode titanium basket and anode bag are soaked in 10% lye solution for 6-8 hours, rinsed with water, and then soaked with 5% dilute sulfuric acid

2. When it is found that the titanium basket hook becomes significantly hot, the number of titanium baskets can be increased or the cross-sectional size of the titanium basket hook can be increased to improve the conductivity of the titanium basket

3. The mouth of the titanium basket should be slightly higher than the liquid level by 30-40mm to prevent the outflow of anode slag.

4. The lower end of the titanium basket should be 100~150mm higher than the parts (a shutter can be considered on the side close to the liquid surface) to avoid excessive current concentration of the lower parts and cause scorching

5. The titanium basket and the anode should be in close contact, otherwise the anode potential on the titanium basket will rise sharply, causing oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution reaction on the surface of the titanium basket, causing damage to the titanium basket and oxidation of additives

6. The anode bag should be tightly wrapped around the mouth of the titanium basket, and a gap of several centimeters should be left at the bottom of the bag to store the anode sludge that may be generated.

7. Clean anode bags and titanium baskets every two weeks to one month, and replace damaged anode bags. The plating solution and plating tank are free of pollution

8. Supplement or enrich the anode material in time to avoid “overhead” when the amount of nickel is not enough, otherwise the titanium will be corroded

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