Electrolytic copper foil is made by electrolyzing copper sulfate. Due to the product’s stringent requirements for quality and performance, the stability of the electrolytic conditions in production is strictly required, and the anode needs to carry a large amount of current.

The precious metal-coated titanium electrode has a stable electrode spacing and lower energy consumption. At the same time, the titanium anode has the advantage of repeated use after recoating. After the life of the titanium anode reaches the end, it can be reused by recoating. In this way, both energy consumption and anode cost will be greatly saved. Due to the above advantages, the coated titanium anode is widely used in the manufacturing process of electrolytic copper foil, from the formation of the copper foil at the front end to the post-treatment of the copper foil.

When the current density is less than 8000A/m2, the working life of the anode is generally about 8-10 months.

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