The tubular anode is made of titanium, so it has the advantages of light weight, good electrical conductivity, high cost performance and strong corrosion resistance.

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cathodic coating

Since the electrode surface is covered by a highly catalytically active oxide layer, the potential of the titanium substrate exposed at some defects on the surface usually does not exceed 2 V, so the titanium substrate will not cause breakdown of the surface passivation film (in soil When in use, the applied voltage is generally controlled below 60 volts).

corrosion protection

Mixed metal oxide anodes also have excellent physical, chemical and electrochemical properties. The resistivity of its coating is 10-7Ω.m, which is extremely resistant to the action of acid environments, with small polarization and extremely low consumption rate. By adjusting the composition of the oxide layer, it can be adapted to different environments, such as seawater, freshwater, soil. The mixed metal oxide anode in the ground bed is 100A/m2, and the service life can reach more than 25 years under the working current density. It has reliable performance and low price.

mmo titanium anode (129)

Cathode Protection Auxiliary φ25×1000mm Titanium Electrode

mmo tubular anode

Under the condition of shallow soil and deep soil container protection, the anode for cathodic protection, under the current density of 100A/m2, has a service life of ≥ 25 years; for the titanium anode for cathodic protection under the condition of seawater medium, under the current density of 600A/m2, use Lifespan ≥ 25 years. Due to the advantages that other anodes do not have, mixed metal oxide titanium anode has become the most ideal and promising auxiliary anode material in the field of cathodic protection.

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