Sometimes it takes the whole world plus a crazy idea to make something new!

Customers customized 2 titanium tubes in early 2019, ASTM B862 Gr2 Titanium tube
OD 406.4*thickness 3mm*Length: 5181.6mm

After about half a year, the Seawolf finally came out. It came from a crazy and great idea that was eventually created by the world.

Since the delivery, we have been in constant contact with our customers. We have been looking forward to Seawolf’s appearance. Finally, we received photos of our customers today. We are very excited and proud,Because we are also involved in this great project. Our titanium tubes will start to sail in the sea as pontoons, especially Is as the world’s only all titanium catamaran.

About the composition of seawolf:
Trailer–customized from the United States
The frame and welding : completed by Canadians
The pontoons: from China (Our Company: Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal)
I hope that the project will go well and I will share more stories about the Seawolf.