The gr2 pure titanium tube has always been the most demanding titanium tube, and we have always been committed to providing customers with high quality products.


The product in the picture is six samples for new customers, diameter 50mm, thickness 1mm. Of course, if you need other sizes, we also have stock. The standard is ASTM B338 GR2 or gr1 pure titanium tube. We have a wide range of stocks, some are thin-walled tubes used as exhaust pipes for automobiles, and some are used as titanium straws. Or other more industrial uses, if you need titanium tubes, I hope we can build a long-term good relationship.


Below is a list of the spot sizes of some gr2 titanium tubes, please refer to them.

Diameter: 5mm  thickness: 1mm

Diameter: 6mm  thickness: 0.5mm

Diameter: 7mm  thickness: 0.5mm

Diameter: 8mm  thickness: 0.6mm

Diameter: 25mm  thickness: 0.8mm

Diameter: 30mm  thickness: 1mm

Diameter: 38mm  thickness: 1mm

Diameter: 45mm  thickness: 1mm

Diameter: 50mm  thickness: 0.8mm

Diameter: 60mm  thickness: 0.5mm

Diameter: 60mm  thickness: 1mm

Diameter: 63.5mm  thickness: 1mm

Diameter: 76mm  thickness: 1.5mm

Diameter: 89mm  thickness: 2mm

Diameter: 108mm  thickness: 3mm

Diameter: 112mm  thickness: 2mm

Diameter: 114mm  thickness: 3mm

Diameter: 120mm  thickness: 8mm

Diameter: 108mm  thickness: 4mm


If you need to test samples or place an order, please contact us directly.