Product name: Circulating water electrolysis descaling device Electrolysis descaling algae removing machine
Commodity specifications: can be customized according to the specific amount of water processed by customers
Commodity use: electrolytic descaling, etc.
Material composition: titanium-based coated electrode, titanium mesh cathode fouling cylinder, power cable, etc.

Electrolysis Circulating Water Scale Remover Titanium Scale Collector

In the long-term operation of circulating water, there are common problems such as corrosion of cooling water and chilled water systems, scaling, massive growth of microorganisms and sludge and equipment corrosion, which seriously affect the normal use and life of air conditioners.

1. The technology of treating large-scale circulating water by electrolysis has been applied in China. The principle is as follows:

The descaling effect is achieved through the electrochemical reaction in the DC electrolysis process. During electrolysis, the cathode undergoes a hydrogen evolution reaction to generate hydroxide ions, and a strong acid environment is generated in the cathode area. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water are precipitated and attached to the cathode surface, and then pass through the conductor, the cathode is converted into an anode, or mechanically scraped, so that the cathode surface is attached. Clothes fall off and are excluded. When the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions is lower than the equilibrium concentration of the precipitation solution, the calcium carbonate scale deposited on the surface of the pipes and heat exchangers will continue to dissolve, thereby achieving system descaling.

In the electrolysis reaction, very important parts, cathode and anode, generally use titanium with good corrosion resistance as the substrate, coated with MMO noble metal oxide, and produce chlorine evolution and oxygen evolution reaction at the anode, active oxygen, active chlorine, free Substances such as base have strong oxidizing properties, which have a certain effect on bacteria and algae in the water, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and the adhesion of biological slime.

The principle of electrolytic descaling

2. Introduction of Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Circulating Water Electricity Descaler:

The circulating water treatment anode produced by Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal uses high-quality corrosion-resistant industrial pure titanium as the base material. After the MMO precious metal oxide developed by our company, through a special process, the base material and the oxide are firmly bonded, and the electrocatalytic performance is good, which can meet the It is an ideal electrode material for the treatment of circulating cooling water by electrolysis. It has been successfully used in power plant circulating water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, air conditioning circulating water treatment and other fields.

This cooling tower circulating water electrolysis descaling machine has a variety of specifications. For specific technical parameters, please consult the cable for details. It can also be designed and customized according to the actual water volume.

electrolytic descaling device Customized cooling tower descaling machine

Power (V): 30V±5%

Working voltage: 5V-20V

Rated current: 20A

Working current: 10A

Ambient temperature: ≤45℃

Processing capacity: 10T/D

Appearance size: Φ136×700

Cable: 3×6mm2