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COD Degradation and Ammonia Nitrogen Removal Anode Plate

Product Name:Titanium coated anode for industrial wastewater treatment Titanium coated ruthenium iridium anode plate customized sewage treatment titanium coated ruthenium electrode Specification:200-3000mm can be customized according to customer's requirement. Color:Electrode black Materials:Titanium base coated electrode, and welding parts, etc. Application:

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An electrolysis method disinfection technology applied to fruit and vegetable disinfector, household disinfector, electrolysis method disinfector

Electrolysis water disinfection technology is based on the theory of electrocatalytic oxidation and hydroxyl radicals, which generates hydroxyl radicals and strong oxidizing substances near the anode area through electrolysis of tap water, divided into direct electrolysis reaction and indirect reaction.

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Titanium Anode for Copper Recovery from Etching Solution –Baoji HighStar Titanium Metal Co.,Ltd

1.Application Fields: PCB industry production process, the process will produce a large number of micro-etching solution, etching solution, copper nitrateand other substances, which containing different concentrations ofcopper. 2.Application system: Micro-etching solution :Titanium Coated with Iridium-Tantalum Alkaline etching solution :Titanium Coated

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