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Platinized Titanium Mesh from Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal

Platinized Titanium Mesh is also our regular product, and the coating thickness is customized according to customer requirements. Applications of Platinized Titanium Mesh Mainly English hydrogen generators, hydrogen-rich water cups, hydrogen-rich water electrolysis devices, electrolysis water generators, electrolysis of seawater

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Platinized Titanium Anode from Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal

Titanium electrode for hydrogen-rich water cup--Platinized Titanium Anode Product name: Electrolysis electrode sheet for hydrogen-rich water Product specification:Customized according to customer needs Product color: The electrode surface is platinum gold, or similar to silver Material composition: Titanium-based platinum plated The

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Titanium Anode For Swimming Pool Disinfection

The disinfection methods of swimming pools include chlorination disinfection method, chlorine dioxide method and ozone disinfection method. The more commonly used are chlorination and ozone disinfection. Sodium hypochlorite is a powerful bactericide, high-efficiency oxidant and excellent bleaching agent commonly used

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