Nitinol wire is widely used in the main application areas: for super elastic memory alloy mobile phone antennas, fishing hooks, fishing rods, children’s toy antennas, optical frames, Bluetooth headsets, ear hooks, medical. With the development of the times, it has gradually been used in women’s clothes trays, and has been used as a scientific research material, frequently appearing in various material laboratories of polytechnic colleges.
Product characteristics: It has mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, and has a memory function to restore the memory shape at the phase transition temperature.
Advantages: super memory, super elastic, small size, light weight, low power, high strength, precise control, AC or DC activation, long life, linear motion.

Usually divided into two types, one is temperature-controlled nitinol wire, and the other is elastic nitinol wire.

Temperature-controlled nitinol wire refers to the restoration of memory shape according to different AF phase transition temperatures.

80 degree Temperature controlled nitinol wire

60 degreeTemperature controlled nitinol wire

Another type of memory alloy with superelasticity, as indicated in the figure below, is mainly used as a fishing line.

Normal temperature super-elastic memory nitinol wire

Nitinol wire packaging

nitinol wire HStitanium (2)    nitinol wire HStitanium (2)


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