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Principle of circulating water treatment:

Electrolysis is carried out through a special electrolysis descaling device. During the electrolysis process, heavy metal ions (including scale) in the water will adhere to the surface of the negative electrode (cathode) in the electrolysis tank of the electrolysis descaling system, thereby reducing the ion concentration. In the reaction area near the anode, under the action of the electric field, the chloride ion loses electrons and is converted into free chlorine, accompanied by the generation of trace amounts of ozone and hydroxide radicals, thereby inhibiting the growth of algae and fungi.

Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal circulating water treatment descaling device:

1. Core electrolytic cell part: composed of noble metal oxide coated anode rod and cathode cylinder

2. Other accessories: controller, power cable and corresponding accessories, etc.

3. The device has a simple design and structure and is easy to operate. It can be directly placed in a cooling tower or a reservoir, and is easy to use.

4. The core electrode material of this device is developed and produced by our factory. When it is designed for reverse use, the descaling and descaling time is short, and the loss of the anode coating is relatively reduced, so the maintenance cost is reduced, and the later period Maintenance and replacement parts are guaranteed.

5. The electrolysis reaction occurs directly without adding other agents.

6. The circulating water descaling device can be designed according to the actual water quality and treatment capacity. There are conventional cylindrical and plate types, and other specifications can also be customized.

principle of electrolytic descaling Electrolytic descaling and algae removal machine

The scope of application of the electrolytic descaling device:

1. Industrial circulating water treatment fields, such as power plants, steel plants, cement plants, petrochemicals, electric power, pharmaceuticals, food, paper printing, metallurgy, coal mining, machining, manufacturing, industrial air compressor stations, heating systems, etc. Circulating water system scaling, rust, algae and other problems;

2. Central air-conditioning circulating cooling water treatment to solve problems such as scaling, sludge deposition, bacteria and algae; such as factories, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, office buildings, etc.;

3. High-end aquaculture and aquatic seedlings are used for water purification;

4. In the field of domestic water, it is used to solve the problems of high water hardness and poor taste in small water plants and household wells.

5. The sewage treatment plant can improve the sedimentation speed of the sludge in the sedimentation tank, make the water quality clear, and reduce the treatment cost

Any inquiry of titanium electrode descaling device for circulating water treatment, please contact us: