The most common coatings for our titanium anodes are ruthenium-iridium coatings, iridium-tantalum coatings and platinum coated
The shape of the titanium anode is plate, tubular, mesh, component and mesh basket shape.

Usually we will customize the products we need according to the customer’s drawings or size descriptions. If you need regular bulk purchases, they usually test the sample list. Of course, if you have not used MMO titanium anodes, we can test the samples according to your specific use environment and size.

The titanium anode plate processing parts introduced this time are the return orders after the customer conducts the test order. According to the customer’s report, the use effect is very good, so it is decided to re-purchase again.

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MMO titanium anode

MMO titanium anode

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We will have some titanium electrodes in stock, so if you need to test, we can first recommend our spot size. If you meet your requirements, you can ship within two days after payment. If you need special size and coating, we can Customized for you, the current duration is about 5-15 days. At the same time, our payment methods are very diverse, Bank, paypal, payoneer and western union.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Re-returning is the best way to prove quality. If you need a titanium anode, look forward to more communication.