The titanium powder sintered filter material (including tube type and plate type) is a microfiltration element which is made of industrial high-purity titanium powder (99.4%) as a raw material, which is sieved, formed and sintered.

The sintered plate introduced today has a size of 30*30*2mm and an Precision of 80um. It belongs to a kind of material with large pores in the sintered plate. This is a part of the sample we provide for customers, please refer to it.

titanium foam (1)


Titanium powder sintered filter material with its high-tech material composition and special molding process, it has unique and excellent performance:
1. Uniform pore size, stable pore shape and high separation efficiency.
2. High porosity, low filtration resistance and high penetration efficiency.
3, high temperature resistance, can be used normally below 250 °C.
4. Good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance (PH2-12), and oxidation resistance.
5, no particles fall off, do not make the original liquid secondary pollution, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.
6, good mechanical properties, low pressure difference, large flow, filter can be filtered, easy to operate.
7, strong anti-microbial ability, does not interact with microorganisms.
8, can be regenerated online, easy to clean, long service life (usually several times the membrane filter)
9. The molding process is good, and the overall welding length is up to 1200 mm.
10, non-magnetic and non-toxic, and has a good compatibility with human tissue and blood, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and water treatment industry.