As a titanium anode manufacturer, we can produce a variety of coated titanium anode products, Platinum Coated, ruthenium-iridium coating, Ir-Ta coated, etc. Our titanium anode products are mainly used in wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and sodium hypochlorite generation Manufacturers, the products we introduce today are mainly Platinum Coated titanium anode. Titanium anode shape

Titanium electrolysis anode material factory

Electrolysis is the process of passing an electric current through an electrolyte solution or a molten electrolyte, (a process that causes a redox reaction on the cathode and anode. The electrolysis process can occur when an electrochemical cell is applied with a DC voltage. Titanium electrolysis refers to using titanium as a substrate After the


Development of China Titanium Welded Pipe Industry Due to various constraints on raw materials and processing technology, the production technology of titanium welded pipe has been in the hands of professional manufacturers in Japan, the United States, France, Russia and other countries for many years. The development of titanium welded pipes in China started later

gr9 titanium tube and ti workshop brompton | BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL

Gr9 titanium tube and ti workshop brompton--Since the late 1980s, the high-quality properties of titanium alloys have been discovered, and they have been used to make bicycle frames. Titanium alloys have high strength, light weight, and strong corrosion resistance. These advantages have made titanium widely used after entering the frame field. Application, quickly set off

titanium sheet price per kg

The application of titanium plates is very wide, such as plate heat exchangers, etc. The implementation standards of titanium plates are ASTM B265, ASTM F136, ASTM F67, AMS4928. ASTM F136 and ASTM F67 are medical standards, AMS4928 is an aerospace standard, and ASTM B265 is an industrial standard. What is the Titanium sheet price per

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Titanium electrodes are widely used. Our usual applications include water treatment, wastewater treatment, sewage treatment and other industries. Many of our partners are also wastewater treatment plants and sewage treatment plants. Today I mainly introduce the production process of titanium electrodes.   1. Cutting Operation process of removing a certain shape, quantity or quality of

50pcs Inconel 600 sintered material ordered by the customer

50pcs Inconel 600 sintered material ordered by the customer Size:50*2*500mm Unclear purpose Precision: 30um Quantity: 50pcs The maximum temperature of titanium sintering is 300℃ The maximum temperature of stainless steel sintering is 600℃ Inconel 600 can withstand a maximum temperature of 900℃ You can choose the sintering material suitable for the temperature according to your

Quality inspection method for titanium alloy forgings and TC4/gr5 titanium forgings

TC4 (grade 5 corresponding to foreign grade) titanium forging defects exist, partly affect the processing quality or processing quality of the subsequent process, partly serious in performance and use of titanium forging and titanium alloy forging Impacting and significantly reducing production The service life of finished parts jeopardizes safety. Therefore, in order to secure or

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SIZE: 30*2*300mm with titanium binding post Quantity: 50pcs Coating: Ruthenium-iridium Coating thickness: 8um Uses: For wastewater treatment, titanium anode products have been tested before Proofing, mass customization, production according to drawings If you need it,please let me know,the quotation will be sent to you now. #titanium #titaniumplate #hydrogenproduction #titan #titaniumanode #titaniumelectrode #titaniumcathode #Sewagetreatmentplant