MMO Titanium Anode Mesh Ru-Ir titanium electrodes

Product: Titanium anode mesh with Ru-Ir coating Coating Thickness: 8-10um Quantity: 9 pieces Application: Water treatment Do you know Ru-Ir titanium electrodes? The cost of Ru-Ir titanium electrode is one third of that of Ir-Ta titanium electrode. Therefore, in general applications, such as: chlor-alkali, sodium hypochlorite generator, sodium chlorate, electrolysis of salt water, water treatment

MMO coating titanium anode components for wastewater treatment

Recently, our company has been urgently producing titanium anode products, especially mmo coating (including ruthenium-iridium coating and iridium-tantalum coating) and platinum coating. Of course, the most recently produced titanium anode coating is still mmo coating, but as we have done I understand that the price of iridium metal has been increasing since half a year

Preparation method and process of titanium coated anode

The invention belongs to the technical field of hydrometallurgical electrowinning, and specifically relates to a method for preparing a titanium coated anode. Titanium coated anode --Background technique: In various electrowinning fields such as zinc electrowinning and copper electrowinning, the electrolyte composition is h2so4+meso4, and the impurity of the electrowinning needs to be controlled within a

Advantages and problems of ruthenium iridium titanium anode

Titanium anode has excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, and its service life is much longer than that of lead anode. It can work stably for more than 4000 hours and has low cost. It will be an inevitable trend in the development of electro-galvanized and tin production at home and abroad. Titanium electrodes are


Mmo anode for sale,SAMPLE AS FOLLOWS: 1.Titanium anode assembly, 60*170*1mm, titanium mesh anode assembly, 2 anodes are connected to one terminal, 3 cathodes are connected to another terminal 2.Titanium anode ,dia45*1mm ,anode is Ru-Ir coating;cathode is uncoating   3. Titanium anode assembly 600*100*125mm Ru-Ir coating Product details description: It consists of 6pcs titanium anodes mesh

Advantages and applications of Iridium Titanium mesh anode

After years of factory production and research, it has been discovered that compared with traditional graphite electrodes and lead-based alloy electrodes, the advantages of titanium electrodes are: (1) The anode size is stable, and the distance between the electrodes does not change during the electrolysis process, which can ensure that the electrolysis operation is performed

Titanium anode for chlor-alkali industry

Titanium anode for chlor-alkali industry Working conditions: saturated NaCl (35%) solution Current density: 1000A/m2 Electrolysis method: ion-exchange membrane electrolysis (anode chamber and cathode chamber) Coating type: titanium base ruthenium titanium Service life: more than 5 years Electrochemical performance and life test (20000A/m2) Product use background and introduction: Caustic soda is produced by electrolysis of salt

Titanium anode for industrial wastewater treatment

Electrolytic oxidation or electrochemistry, in the process of treating water, including industrial water and factory wastewater, the electrode not only plays a role in transmitting current, but also catalyzes the oxidative degradation of organic matter. In this process, it does not cause pollution. It is called green water treatment. With the development of industry, the