Titanium electrode set for electrolysis of brine to produce sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution

Working principle: Diluted sodium chloride solution under the action of positive and negative electrodes in the electrolytic tank, a series of electrochemical reactions occur to generate sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution. Technical features: 1、According to the amount of sodium hypochlorite and installation requirements, different electrolytic tanks are designed, cylindrical, tubular, sheet-type electrode set, unipolar electrodes are

COD Degradation and Ammonia Nitrogen Removal Anode Plate

Product Name:Titanium coated anode for industrial wastewater treatment Titanium coated ruthenium iridium anode plate customized sewage treatment titanium coated ruthenium electrode Specification:200-3000mm can be customized according to customer's requirement. Color:Electrode black Materials:Titanium base coated electrode, and welding parts, etc. Application: Electrolytic treatment of industrial wastewater, degradation of COD and ammonia nitrogen. Any inquiry, please contact

An electrolysis method disinfection technology applied to fruit and vegetable disinfector, household disinfector, electrolysis method disinfector

Electrolysis water disinfection technology is based on the theory of electrocatalytic oxidation and hydroxyl radicals, which generates hydroxyl radicals and strong oxidizing substances near the anode area through electrolysis of tap water, divided into direct electrolysis reaction and indirect reaction. It can be applied to a variety of electrolysis method disinfection field, such as fruit

Features of titanium and titanium alloy -Gr5 titanium alloy parts,TC11 titanium alloy parts,Gr2 titanium profile parts, support to map customization

1. High strength The density of titanium alloy is generally about 4.51g/ cubic centimeter, only 60% of steel, the density of pure titanium is close to the density of ordinary steel, and some high-strength titanium alloys exceed the strength of many alloy structural steel.     2. High chemical activity Titanium has a large chemical activity

Titanium Anode for Copper Recovery from Etching Solution –Baoji HighStar Titanium Metal Co.,Ltd

1.Application Fields: PCB industry production process, the process will produce a large number of micro-etching solution, etching solution, copper nitrateand other substances, which containing different concentrations ofcopper. 2.Application system: Micro-etching solution :Titanium Coated with Iridium-Tantalum Alkaline etching solution :Titanium Coated with Iridium-Tantalum Acid etching solution: Titanium Coated with Ruthenium Iridium 3.Current density: (200-400)A/m2 4.Service life:

Ship Cathodic Protection System

1. Principle of ship cathodic protection system Sacrificial anode cathodic protection is generally used on ships, and applied current cathodic protection is generally not used. Installing more anode blocks will increase the ship's sailing resistance and cause over-protection, while less protection is insufficient and the ship's hull still suffers from corrosion. Therefore, an appropriate amount

Insoluble Titanium Anode for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Electrolytic water treatment principle of operation: through electrolysis, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy to produce redox reactions near the electrodes in the electrolytic cell, thus making the wastewater purification process. This water treatment method includes direct redox on the electrode surface and indirect redox (using chemical products generated near the electrode to react

Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anode for Marine Applications

Titanium Anode for Marine Applications Relevant information is as follows. Background: In the steel using environment such as ships, bridges, tanks, etc., due to the corrosive effect of impurities and micro cells in steel and wind and rain, the corrosion of these buildings is very serious and greatly threatens the safety production, so the use

Advantages of Baoji titanium and the current situation

Baoji produces more than 300 varieties of titanium products, more than 5,000 specifications of titanium products, equipped with domestic aircraft carriers, large aircraft, the "struggler", the Tiangong series of space laboratories and other important national equipment, applied to medical health, sports and leisure and other civilian fields, the scale of the titanium industry ranks second