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Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Co., Ltd, as a professional titanium electrode supplier, are dedicated to provide professional titanium electrode products worldwide. In recent years, we have been supplying titanium electrode anodes for swimming pool disinfection to many European and American countries for a long time, mostly we only supply single titanium anodes and customers assemble

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Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Co.,Ltd , we are a professional manufacturer of titanium electrodes. We produce all kinds of titanium electrodes, including ruthenium-iridium coated, ruthenium-coated, iridium-coated, platinum-coated and other coated titanium electrodes. The following products are some of our products show, please check. Item:Titanium anode mesh Assembly Coating:Ruthenium-Iridium Coating Coating Thickness:8-10um Coating of the terminal

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Titanium Anode Plate shows: Titanium Anode Mesh shows: Titanium anode assembly display: Any needs or inquiry of titanium anode ,please contact us. Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Co.,Ltd Email: Website: WhatsApp: 86 15034001015

Titanium Electrode for Chlorine Production by Electrolysis of Seawater

Sodium hypochlorite generator electrolytic tank features. 1, according to the amount of sodium hypochlorite required and installation needs, design different electrolytic tank, barrel, tube, sheet electrode group, monopole electrode is suitable for smaller size of electrolytic tank. Compound electrode set is suitable for relatively larger electrolyzer, and the connection structure is simple, which reduces the

Customized platinum coated titanium electrode for Customer

The following picture is our custom-made titanium electrode mesh with platinum coating for customer, the thickness of the coating is 2.5um, the size of the titanium electrode and the size of the terminal part are produced according to the customer's requirements. If you also need custom titanium electrode products, please feel free to contact us.

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Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of titanium electrodes mainly for titanium electrode production, processing and export, while the production and sales of other titanium products are relatively small at present. The following are some of the titanium products we produce, please refer to them. 1.Ruthenium-iridium coated titanium electrode mesh Mesh size:

MMO Titanium Anode Mesh from Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal

Our custom-made MMO Titanium Anode Mesh sample has been sent today, the mesh size is 4.5*12.5mm, this is the custom-made mesh according to the customer's requirement, we can also provide other titanium mesh, if you have other titanium electrode mesh requirements, please contact us (Email: The coating this customer needs is ruthenium-iridium coated titanium