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Titanium, due to its light weight, high strength, high/low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other “specific functions”, is widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation and other fields. Titanium is the only metal material with “pro-biological properties”. It can be integrated with the human body and has good health characteristics. It has been widely used in the field of medical devices, so there is a human bone 207 bone.

Of course, the advantages of titanium are not only reflected in the industrial field, but also in the civilian sector in recent years. For example, titanium bicycles are unique in the field of cycling because of their light weight and can be made into a variety of colors. Quite quickly, titanium pots, titanium outdoor products, titanium water cups, titanium forks, titanium spoons, titanium chopsticks, etc.

Titanium products are healthy, non-toxic, harmless, light and easy to carry. Therefore, in recent years, more and more people like to use titanium tableware spoons and titanium pots. Compared with anything, health is our top priority, so choosing non-toxic and harmless titanium products without precious metals has become a symbol of our healthy life.

Our titanium products are from titanium sponge to finished products. The whole process is completed by ourselves, and we are batch processing, so we can strictly control the cost and product quality. The cost is much lower than the similar products on the market, and because We are a titanium product processing manufacturer, so there are strict controls on quality.

The unique advantages of our titanium pot:
1. Healthy and not sticky
In combination with aerospace technology such as magnetron sputtering, the company has successfully developed a “super-flow condensed nano-micro-enhancement technology”, namely “snowflake titanium” technology, which changes the surface wetting angle of the pot body, improves the self-excited vibration reaction of cooking, and achieves stable Non-stick effect, non-stick level meets national standards, GB/T32095 Class I standard;
2. Stable performance and durability:
After 100,000 times of three kilograms of wear-resisting experiments, not afraid of the collision of metal spatula and wire brush cleaning, the strength and non-stick performance of the pot at 400 ° C cooking temperature is still stable and durable, and it is used for a lifetime;
3. Not afraid of oil stains, easy to clean.

Products shows:

1.Titanium milk pot(in stock)

2.Titanium soup pot(in stock)

3.Customized titanium products

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