Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal is mainly composed of titanium electrode (Ru-Ir titanium electrode, Ir-Ta titanium electrode, platinum electrode); it is covered with titanium, titanium tube, titanium tube, titanium plate, titanium rod and other complete titanium products. line. Products are widely used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, textile, pharmaceutical, light industry, environmental protection, sports, mining, marine and other fields.

Titanium anode products as follow,Provide OEM/as drawing processing.

1. Processing long-life electrodes suitable for water treatment
Titanium-coated electrode – high electrolysis efficiency, stable electrolysis, no harmful substances
2. Environmentally friendly energy-saving electrode – insoluble electrode
Corrosion resistant, good electrocatalytic, saving power consumption
3. Titanium anode for chlor-alkali industry
4. Titanium anode for electrolytic plating
5. Titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator
6. Titanium anode for cathodic protection
7. Titanium anode for hydrogen water cup Platinum titanium electrode sheet
8. Supply Ru-Ir electrolytic cell Electrolyzer for electrolytic water machine
9.Supply waste liquid extraction copper titanium electrode titanium anode
10. Electrode copper foil, titanium foil titanium electrode for aluminum foil
11.Supply swimming pool disinfection titanium anode Titanium electrode Titanium anode for wastewater treatment
12. Titanium anode for electric flocculation sewage treatment
13. Supply of titanium anode plate for coking wastewater treatment
14.Supply titanium anode group Titanium anode for industrial wastewater treatment

Refer Picture: Titanium anode mesh Ru-Ir Ir-Ta coated Platinum coating Baoji Highstar titanium Metal Titanium anode mesh Ru-Ir Ir-Ta coated Platinum coating Baoji Highstar titanium Metal