Application fields of iridium series oxygen evolution titanium anode:

Non-ferrous metal electrolytic production, etching copper electrolytic recovery, metal foil surface electrochemical treatment, organic electrosynthesis, cathodic protection, electrodialysis, acid-base ion water manufacturing, industrial wastewater treatment, etc.

Characteristics of oxygen evolution titanium anode

1. Coatings with different formulations can be deployed according to different use environments, and refined nano-scale grain refinement can be used to better combine the coating with the substrate and exert a stronger electrocatalytic effect;
2. High oxygen evolution overpotential, reducing the amount of oxygen evolution, long electrode life and good corrosion resistance;
3. The size and shape of the anode can be customized according to the actual working conditions to meet the needs;
4. According to the anode coating consumption situation, we can provide anode return repair coating technology services. The substrate can be used repeatedly without excessive loss, which saves costs for users.