The gr9 titanium tube (Ti3al2.5v) is a commonly used alloy titanium tube that has greater plasticity than the gr5 titanium tube. Its recent demand is relatively large. So we have increased the inventory of gr9 titanium tubes. Many of its specifications are mainly used on the titanium bicycle frame, so for the gr9 titanium tube used in the bicycle frame, we have a large number of stock, but also can be customized, the spot video is as follows:

Of course, there is also a specification of gr9 titanium tube, which has a very large demand. Its size is outer diameter 60.3mm thickness 0.89mm. Recently, many customers have ordered from us, and many customers have returned the order. The standard for this titanium tube is ASTM B338. The surface is very good, no cracks, fingerprints, very clean. We can produce two types of surfaces, bright surfaces and pickled surfaces according to your requirements. If you need it, look forward to your inquiry, high quality and low price. At the same time, if you want to test the quality, we can provide samples for free, please contact:

The reference picture is as follows: