The unique properties of titanium make it an excellent material for making bicycle frames. Its high strength, low density, low modulus of elasticity, excellent fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance make the titanium frame not only very Rugged and very lightweight.

Titanium material does not break, does not rust, and does not corrode in any atmospheric environment. Titanium is so resistant to corrosion, even without any paint treatment, we just gently rub the surface to brighten its natural color, and the titanium color can better reflect the low-key luxury texture of this metal.
Therefore, more and more titanium alloy materials are currently used on titanium frames.
The titanium tube formed by cold drawing of Gr9 (Ti-3Al-2.5V) seamless tube is made into a titanium frame by unique welding and processing technology. As shown below:

Advantages of the titanium frame:

1. Titanium is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly metal materials. The titanium scrap produced in production is fully recyclable.
2. As a combination of high strength and plastic materials, titanium has a unique riding quality. It is not only durable, but also able to prevent energy loss. Its elasticity can reduce the vibration from the road surface and make long-distance riding very comfortable.
3. Titanium has strong fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, and its service life is longer than other metals, making it the world’s most suitable material for bicycle frames.
4. Titanium has excellent strength to weight ratio and hardness to weight ratio.
5. Titanium has excellent wear resistance and can be repaired. The impact of some other material frames on some transportation or competition will seriously affect the service life of the frame and even cause the frame to be scrapped. And titanium alloy frame you can avoid this worry.
6. Titanium gives the titanium alloy bicycle frame a unique connotation. It will never become a fashionable item, but a treasure of your life. The precious materials and special processing technology will make the titanium alloy frame always maintain high price and high quality.

We are able to produce raw pipe fittings for the production of titanium bicycle frames. The price and quality have advantages. grade 9 (Ti-3AL-2.5V) titanium tube, the surface has two kinds of shiny surface and pickled surface, and there are long-term stocks of different sizes. If you have a volume requirement, we also can provide a sample test.