The treatment process of titanium anode in high concentration industrial wastewater treatment is:

1. The wastewater is filtered, and the filtered wastewater is divided into filter residue and filtrate;
2. The filter residue is subjected to an adsorption process, and different types of usable materials are sorted for recovery;
3. If the filtrate is a non-contaminated filtrate or a conventional filtrate, it is directly introduced into the sedimentation tank. If the filtrate is an organic filtrate or a heavy metal filtrate, it is introduced into a titanium anode electrolysis cell;
4. Adding an alkaline medium and an acidic medium respectively in the sedimentation tank and the titanium anode electrolysis tank to change the pH value of the filtrate;
5. The filtrate after electrocatalytic oxidation of the titanium anode electrolysis cell is introduced into the sedimentation tank for treatment;
6. The filtrate after precipitation can be recycled to the water. It saves water resources, consumes less power, and reduces business costs.

titanium anode coating Ir-Ta Ru-Ir MMO plate mesh (37) titanium anode coating Ir-Ta Ru-Ir MMO plate mesh (37)